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A house with a lot of history 🏛

The Cal Marquès Restaurant is located in an emblematic building for the town of Camprodon; in the old Marquès House. 
In approximately 1620, the construction of Casa Ribas, Casal or Palau de la Família Ribas, began and in 1702, Pere Ribas i Boixadors thus became Marquès d'Alfarràs. This building has a civil aspect, with a slightly Gothic style and some Renaissance elements.
This building was designed by an unknown architect. Between the years 1639 and 1689 the Marquès House was extended and the Trigona Street bridge was built, thus joining the house with the Marquès tribune from where you can listen to the mass held in the Carmel Church without the need to go there.

In 1718 there were approximately 960 inhabitants in Camprodon, and in 1793 the population began to be occupied by the troops of the French Army during the Great War and the Palau de la Casa Marquès was bombarded with stone bullets, set on fire and largely even collapsed. 

At the end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century; the Marquès House is rehabilitated and turned into a restaurant. 
Our restaurant therefore bears the name of an icon for many Camprodonin men and women.

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