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Cal Marquès Restaurant, a life project

In 2014 we started this project as one of the dreams we wanted to share together and with time (and a lot of effort) we managed to push it forward. We make the cuisine we like, the cuisine we remember from home, the territory and our surroundings. We use local and quality products, mainly from small houses and brands, and we use techniques ranging from ancestral to the most contemporary. We serve wines that follow our philosophy because we believe that one of our pillars is also the symbiosis with the room.

We want you to be comfortable and enjoy the experience.


Thanks to our team every day we serve the best of us and thanks to you, who come to taste it, our work and this dream have meaning.

Welcome and welcome!


Seasonal salad with mint fava beans, tirabec and pickled vegetables with sweet vinaigrette 13.90 euros


Selection of cheeses made by our team, served at the optimal point of maturation and proximity (minimum six different references) 19.90 euros


Peas, two-cooking bacon, low-temperature egg and Mollo trufma 16.90 euros


Salad at the party!; with sprouts, clean and fixed lobster and citrus fruits 27.50 euros


Homemade ravioli of foie gras and camasecs with their sauce 19.90 euros


Ingot of beetroot, mushrooms, spinach and cheese from Les Vaques d'en Mel 13.90 euros


Millefeuilles with cooked homemade foie gras and winter truffle 20.90 euros

Morels from the Vall de Bianya in cream 24.90 euros


Fish and seafood cannelloni, prawn and its juice 15.90 euros


Homemade lamb carpaccio with Ripollesa sheep's cheese and thyme 13.90 euros

Homemade lamb chops made in two cookings with Molló trufma and its juice 19.90 euros

Home-baked shoulder of lamb with Setcases honey 37.90 euros

(dish recommended for sharing between two people)


Grilled scallops, neck bacon and spinach 23.90 euros


Cod Trilogy; brandada, loin and tenderloin 21.90 euros


Octopus, toasted pine nuts, Mollo's rump, coastal prawn and its juice 23.90 euros


Beef tartare from Girona our way, freshly cut with a spicy touch 24.90 euros


Oxtail drumstick with morels from the Vall de Bianya and its sauce 25.90 euros


Pork leg, garlic and oil, spinach, toasted pine nuts and turnip 18.90 euros


Grilled Girona beef fillet with camasec sauce 23.90 euros


Stewed beef cheek terrine with ratafia sauce 17.90 euros


Mushroom rice and freshly made duck breast carpaccio 21.90 euros (minimum 2 portions 20 minutes of cooking time. The price is per portion)

DESSERTS 100% homemade

All desserts are 100% prepared (cakes, bases, jams, ice creams...) by our team at the moment the customer requests them, so many have cooking and preparation time.


Please, if they need it, they can ask for more information from our room staff

Sablé with creamy Catalan cream and dried fruit 7.90 euros

Artisan cheese cake made in our own way with vin chaux 7.50 euros


Our Girona apple tatin tart with vanilla 7.90 euros


Mascarpone, coffee, almond liqueur and Camprodon biscuit 7.50 euros


Local cheese tasting 9.30 euros


Cream of three chocolates and bitter orange 7.90 euros


Strawberry tart with cream 7.50 euros



Limited edition: (while supplies last):
April rose; blackberry mousse, vanilla and white chocolate 8.90 euros

*Warning for people with allergies; we have at your disposal information about the dishes we offer. You must tell us when making the reservation. 
** Due to the cooking philosophy based on our territory, it is very difficult for us to adapt our gastronomic offer to the needs of vegetarians and vegans. 

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