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Cal Marquès' gastronomic project is quickly joining the Carn de Casa family project.

Anna, Xavi and Enric (our brothers and parents) start a livestock operation where they intend to raise meat and thus complete the meat service in Cal Marquès.

This project is born from the need we have at the Restaurant to offer a top quality product, well fattened, pastured and above all, very well cared for. The opportunity to be able to decide together how a beast is fed or how it is bred is a pleasure for a good cook. 

We started 2015 raising and serving Xai de Casa and since then it has already become an icon and a claim for our customers. 
The goal we set for ourselves as a family and also as professionals is to ensure that 90% (or more) of the meat served at Cal Marquès is raised by us.​
​Right now we have a herd of Ripollese sheep, a herd of goats and kids and a herd of mares and foals. 

For this and much more, Cal Marquès is landscape and memory at the table.
Every family has a story; welcome to ours!
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