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a special cellar

Our winery is not just any winery. We ask you to trust us and let yourself be carried away. Below you will find a selection of more than ninety references, each and every one is very special to us and our gastronomy.


We like to work with small-scale projects, from family wineries (some very close and others not so much!) but always with a common denominator: love for the land and the craft. We trust the producers we have met during our professional journey and others we have met thanks to colleagues, friends and customers.


Wines from here and a little further afield, selected and classified by Cristina with great passion so you can enjoy them to the fullest. We want you to taste different things, from ancestral and classic varieties to areas that are far from us and we want you to experience!


We understand this wine list as little great treasures that the producers leave in our hands. Thank you for understanding our philosophy and the way we work.

Welcome and welcome!

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