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Give away Cal Marquès 🎁

How to Buy:


1. Choose the value of the gift voucher you want to give away:


  • 50 euros

  • 100 euros

  • 150 euros

  • 200 euros

2. Contact us through this LINK indicating which gift voucher they prefer.


3. Formalize the purchase of the gift by paying, which can be done by bank transfer or bybizum

4. We will send you by email the gift voucher stamped with the chosen option in the form of a postcard, accompanied by all the information necessary to enjoy this gift.


5. Your guests only have to contact us to specify the date and time of the reservation.



Your personal data is exclusively for formalizing your reservation and being able to contact you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

The Cal Marquès Restaurant will not use them for advertising, surveys or other purposes and will not make them public under any circumstances.

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